Why would I buy a premium air filter when I can buy a cheap cardboard air filter and save money?

You may be saving pennies on a filter, but it’s costing your company thousands each year in benefits and lost productivity due to poor indoor air quality. Not to mention the costs of additional maintenance, trucking and the cost to the environment of all that landfill.

Aren’t all air filters pretty much the same – how is a Delta M air filter different?

  • Delta M filters capture mold – proven to cause health problems and lost productivity
  • Delta M filters will not collapse, get wet, lose shape or allow mold to take hold
  • Only Delta M filters have an airtight seal
  • Delta M makes the only 100% recyclable commercial air filter
  • Delta M filters undergo stringent testing by accredited third party institutions

Will it take longer to change-out Delta M filters?

No. The process is the same as with traditional filters except there is no waste or wasted time in transport to waste disposal. In fact, you’ll probably save labor as you won’t be replacing failed, collapsed and underperforming cardboard filters.

Do I need to purchase a minimum quantity?

No. There are no minimum order quantities. However we recommend consolidated orders of at least 12 for pick up or delivery to reduce your carbon footprint.

Does Delta M offer quantity discounts?

Yes. Just contact your local Delta M representative.

How does the reward system work?

After your first order change, help yourself and the environment by calling us to pick up ALL of your dirty Delta M filters for recycling. We’ll reward your company with a credit for all undamaged filters returned on your next order. To encourage 100% return, maintenance managers returning the most filters will have a chance to win great prizes. Ask your Delta M rep for details.

How much is our reward credit for returning dirty filters for recycling?

Recycling returns of our Durable line HVAC filters reward $1 for all 1” and 2” depth filters and $2 for 4” depth filters. Flat panel filter returns offer $1 reward credits and Delta M bag filters see a $5 reward credit per filter. Contact Delta M for Telecom filter rewards.

Do I return the entire frame or just the filter media?

Both. One of our key mandates is no waste, so you must return the entire undamaged filter – frame and media for recycling to be eligible for reward credit. Then simply switch the dirty filters for the clean ones in the Delta M shipping box and add the prepaid UPS label provided. Or, for really large pickups, just call us. Either way, we’ll pick up within 48 hours. It’s that easy!

Who pays the shipping charges?

Delta M always covers the cost of returning your filters for recycling. If you are ordering new filters, you’re located in the GTA and your order is over $900 and within our normal turnarounds, we’ll happily cover those shipping costs too.

Do I need to order two sets of filters up front so that I always have a clean set to switch up?

It’s not necessary but it makes a whole lot of sense. If you opt for only one set though due to space constraints, we’ll ensure that you have a new set of clean Delta M filters on hand for your scheduled change out.

If we keep an inventory of filters can we just use them as needed and do a bulk return?

Of course. Just ensure they are stored so they won’t be damaged to maximize your rebate credit.

Can we just buy filters and wash them ourselves?

No. Delta M's filters are recycled to the highest ASHRAE standards using our patented purECOgreen® process and we guarantee its effectiveness. It ensures the removal of all contaminants and prevents mold and bacteria from forming and filters function better than new with each subsequent regeneration. Results are backed up by third-party lab tests from top universities and labs using EPA test methods. Once a filter can no longer meet and maintain the ASHRAE standard (about 12 recycling cycles) we replace it with a brand new filter.

Recycled: Does that mean used?

No Delta M’s patented purECOgreen® cleaning system returns them to ASHRAE standards (as monitored and tested by accredited third-party labs). In fact, Delta M filters become MORE efficient with every wash.

How does Delta M’s ordering and recycling return system work?

We make it easy. We’ll happily arrange an automated schedule for both delivery and pick up that suits your needs and ensures timely change-outs. If that’s not for you, we can pick up on demand. Simply contact your local Delta M rep.

Does recycling filters make them more expensive?

Using 100% recycled filters from Delta M provides greater savings than other products: fewer change-outs and fewer labor, maintenance costs and trucking costs. Plus you use one Delta M filter in place of up to12 over its lifecycle. Delta M filters save energy costs and have an energy /carbon footprint that continually improves after each washing. Delta M offers reward credits, loyalty savings and quantity discounts as well.

Am I locked into a contract?

No. But multi-year contracts make sense and have their rewards – up to 6% rebate each year to help DELTA M continue to improve the efficiency of our products for people’s health and the environment.

What are your guarantees/ warranties?

Delta M warranties that our filters are 100% recyclable and that our patented Purecogreen™ cleaning system ensures they perform even better with each regeneration. They will not collapse or fail like cardboard filters. And, if used consistently with regular change-outs, will improve your IAQ and related loss of productivity.

Who do I call if I have a problem?

We are all about quality control and customer service. If you have any problem with a Delta M filter, we guarantee that we’ll respond within 24 hours and resolve it within 48 hours. Just call us toll free at 1 888 511 9983 and we’ll answer – live – during business hours. After hours, leave a message or contact your Delta M sales rep. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for full credit on return.

Packing filters for return is too much trouble.

You have to open the new filter box anyway – putting the old ones in at the same time is no extra effort. Stick on the label provided and leave it for pick up. It’s that easy. Plus it’s cleaner and you don’t have to cart anything to the dumpster.

Delta M rooftop filters weigh more. Why shouldn’t I go to lighter cardboard?

Because Delta M heavier filters work better. You’ll be handling them and replacing the less often.

As a maintenance worker, I don’t want to change brands. Why should I?

Apart from all the cost savings to the building/company, your health and that of everyone else in the building, and the proven benefits to the environment, Delta M has an incentive program to encourage maintenance workers to return their Delta M filters for recycling. Ask your representative for details about the great prizes you can win by helping us to help the environment.

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