April 24, 2013 2:33 pm

Earth Charter Award

How sustainable HVAC practices can be done without increases in economic costs.

Delta M Incorporated recently received the 2013 Earth Charter US Sustainable Business Awards for Innovation.  Delta M’s purECOgreen air filtration was recognized for sustainable business practices through minimal environmental impact since 100% is recycled back to like-new products.  This marks the first time a product from the HVAC industry has won the award, and the only Canadian firm in the world to do so.

Delta M Inc President, Ted Magee and management team were honoured at a ceremony held in held at the University of Tampa on April 12th 2013. In a statement released, Mr Magee offered an example of the sustainable impact Delta M was recognized for;  “A typical office tower in a city may use 5000 traditional throw-away filters per year and that  means disposing 5 tons of solid waste that goes into landfills and take 200+ years to break down.   The scarcity of urban land available for landfills creates green house gas problems from trucking the HVAC filters to distant landfill using fossil fuels. Delta M takes our filters back and regenerates them to pristine condition.  And we pay for shipping and a rebate on each returned filter.  No waste to landfill ” the statement read.

Many of today’s buildings aim for environmental engineering standards such as LEED and BOMA BESt through  life cycle and energy cost analysis on the HVAC filter system and use air filters with recycled content and utilize gaskets on all filters. The Delta M business model allows building owners and property managers to seek credit for a minimum of 5 LEED points in the use of purECOgreen filters.  Switching from standard-capacity pleated air filters to high-capacity pleated filters extends filter life and reduce costs related to change outs and solid waste to landfill while minimizing resistance to air flow.

The results are superior air quality for the building occupants, maximizing environmental stewardship, cost savings from 100% waste diversion of HVAC operations and by eliminating the need to truck waste filters from the buildings clients can apply for CO2 emission credits.  Indoor Air Quality is improved and customers minimize the costs of air-quality assessments or of responding to litigation over health issues related to sick-building syndrome.  As an environmental manufacturer, customers can review the environmental reports from the Delta M manufacturing processes that include harmless waste water disposal and expired materials recycling into new material inputs.

For more information, media contact is Amy Delfino at (888)511.9983