July 11, 2015 2:47 am

Sustainia 100

MILTON, ON, June 11, 2015 – Delta M Incorporated recognized by SUSTAINIA

Paris, France: Today, coinciding with the innovation festival Futur en Seine, the SUSTAINIA 100 publication for 2015 was released.

Delta M Incorporated is pleased to have been selected for inclusion in the Buildings category, as well as being featured in a special trends section on incentivizing circularity.

The 100 sustainable solutions featured in the publication are also nominees for the 2015 SUSTAINIA Award which honors innovative, sustainable solutions and ideas.

The publication is available free of charge at www.sustainia.me. Over the past four years, Sustainia has identified more than 3200 sustainability solutions.

The 2015 solutions are deployed in over 151 countries around the world and come from 10 sectors including education, energy, health, cities, resources, buildings, food, fashion, transportation and information technology.

About our Solution:

The Delta M purECOgreen™ filter line has a positive impact on people, our planet, and on profits. Building owners/operators are able to provide a healthier indoor environment for their building occupants, reduce costs associated with their HVAC operations, and reduce harmful environmental impact by decreasing energy consumption, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and diverting 100% of their filter waste from landfills.

For more information on Delta M Incorporated products, please visit www.deltaminc.com.

Media contact is Amy Delfino at (888) 511.9983

About Delta M Incorporated:

For over a quarter century, the dramatic growth of the company has been a result of customer trust, quality products, experienced service and proven performance that is second to none. As a result of these key-operating principles, combined with “hands-on” leadership and management, Delta M Incorporated is the largest and most successful filter recycling company in world.