100% Recyclable Telecom Filters

Delta M manufactures over 300 types and sizes of fully recyclable filters for every major electronics brand. And you’ll find them used in the major telecom companies across North America. We’ll also create custom filters for new machinery and applications. Just ask.

Delta M telecom filters are significantly lower priced. Dirty filters can be returned for a credit reward and there are no minimums. They have a fast turnaround, are pre-labeled for easy recycling return and are UL/ULC and Telecordia certified. Create scheduled shipping programs and return tracking to suit your needs and help manage costs, logistics and ordering.

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Telecom Air Filters

Brand Product Frame Type Minimum QTY 100% Recyclable Return Rebate Rewards Telecordia Certified Free Return Shipping Order Scheduling for Year
Delta M Telecom Aluminum
Universal Telecom Aluminum
DeltaM Inc - Commercial Air Filters
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