We value the feedback we receive from our customers and actively seek to gather their thoughts and input.  Below are some of the comments our customers have made about Delta M products.


Here’s what our customers are saying about us:


“I wanted to let you know that upon visual inspection the filters appear to have a much longer life than any pleated or media filter.  The way we actually can measure and attest is the difference in dust particles, or the lack thereof inside a building.  I have not had one complaint on dust from the customers that have chosen to use the Delta M filter in the last 2 years.  This is a relief to me because it adds to the customer perception that my company is doing a great job of maintaining their buildings.  All filters are currently changed on a quarterly basis and we have not had any issues through any seasonal changes in our market.  Previously, I did not attempt to sell a quarterly PM because I feared the possible issues that could occur, such as dust in the building and dirty coils which could result in a unit failure.  By allowing quarterly visits instead of monthly, my customers are saving money, but I am also maximizing my profit as I don’t have to spend as many labor hours cleaning the units.  Without this filter I would not be able to say this.  Please use this testament to let your potential customers know that this is an outstanding product.”

Dave Massingill, Operations Manger

Mid South Maintenance



“Since converting to Delta M Recyclable HVAC filters we have experienced improved air quality for our guests and greater efficiency for our AHU’s.  We are also saving on dumpster costs, coil cleaning solution and labor costs by having a longer performance cycle of the Delta M filters.”

Norm Bottie, Chief Engineer

Sheraton Suites Tampa Airport Westshore



“With regards to the Delta M line of filtration, I found the filters:

  • Extremely efficient for removing particulate and rated values
  • Effective at sealing potential bypass issues through the use of exceptional gasket material
  • That it provided enhanced time in service over existing panel filtration
  • To have a reasonable initial differential and respectable differential under heavy loading conditions

Mr. Oliveri has provided us with exceptional customer service.  He has been very responsive to requests related to special product needs, timely quotation and expedited processing of replenishment requests.  I highly recommend Mr. Oliveri and Delta M whenever reusable filtration fits organizational goals and objectives.”

Steve Daugherty

SLD Consulting & Services