Environment $ and Sense:

It takes 40 years to break down one tonne of solid air filter waste. Tens of thousands of tonnes of wet, dirty cardboard end up here each year.

Delta M filters have eliminated approximately 8,750,000 cubic feet of landfill annually.

What does that look like?


Delta M air filters have up to a 12 x longer life with energy/water and carbon footprint efficiency that improves with recycling. After four washes their energy usage is less than cardboard filters. They won’t fail or blow out – ever.

Most high-energy efficiency filters are paper-thin. Air flows freely so initial resistance is low and energy savings high. But in very short order, as filters get dirty, initial MERV ratings drop significantly. With electrostatic filters, a MERV 13 is quickly a MERV 8 due to dissipation of electrostatic charge on the filter. ASHRAE Journal shows build-up on coils contributes to an 11% to 15% increase in energy use.


It takes more energy, more water and produces more CO2 to make one cardboard filter than a recyclable Delta M air filter, and you throw it away after one use v. 12.
– Van Heyst & Gilam

Plus we are able to recycle Delta M air filters 8-10 times using less water than you’d use for a load of laundry. We recycle most of that too. Delta M uses only safe, mild food-grade chemicals and our waste-water is verified hourly and tested by municipal authorities to meet stringent local limits.

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