The ROI On Health:

Most people would agree: there’s little more important than our health. But 50% of all illnesses are caused or aggravated by poor indoor air quality (IAQ)

From Gallup Polls to the EPA, Health Canada to the World Green Building Council - the experts have spoken. Buildings and companies that address and promote health and wellbeing create value, reduce risk, and stand out from their competitors.

Patented Delta M filters make a measurable difference to IAQ and that makes a measurable difference to your bottom lines. Investors, tenants and users are demanding healthier buildings.

They’re denser. They generally have more surface area with more pleats. They won’t break down or leak. And that lets them trap more mold and airborne particles – bacteria, metals, silica and hydrocarbons – than competitive products.

Health: The 90% Reality

People are 90% of the cost of any building. And we spend 90% of our time inside those buildings. Showing that health and the environment matter resonates with workers, management, tenants and investors.

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